Discovery is a Vital key to Recovery

Beloved, every man or woman has unlimited capacity to succeed in life. However, until you discover you cannot recover. God has provided you with the capacity to be successful in life; nevertheless, it is your responsibility to exploit the capacity and realize the enormous potential at your disposal. Understand that anything you cannot discover you would not be in the position to recover.

“God will not do for you what He has given you the capacity to do”

Perhaps you’re one of those who need to recover from a broken heart, a failed marriage, a financial disaster, a family heartache or an emotional breakdown. What I want you to understand is the fact that there’s hope for your broken life because Jesus specializes in recovery. The bible says when someone becomes a “Christian they become a new person, they are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone and a new life has begun.” 2 Corinthians 5:17. Now that is not only recovery that is transformation.

Our God is a God of Recovery. He is interested in your restoration. He is not happy when His children are not where they should be in life. Beloved, there’s no one who recovers or got restores that does not make a discovery that helped their passage into recovery. If you are unable to discover, you may not be able to recover what you’ve lost or never get full restoration.

God has given you the capacity to succeed, but He will not take the practical steps that are necessary for the realization of your dreams for you. You cannot abdicate your responsibility to God. He will not take up your responsibility where you need to discover. This is where most people get it wrong. They continue to pray for recovery when the door of discovery is closed.

Beloved, it is time to get up and start searching for answers to your breakthrough. Most people only want to pray their way to success rather than pray and work their way to success. You cannot substitute prayer for what you need to do and expect any positive result. Doing that means you are abdicating your role to God. And the end result of such attitude is failure.

It is very certain that everybody on this planet wants to succeed. But you need to understand that in the success equation, there is a formula called discovery. In the Success Equation, you can never get the desired result of recovery if discovery is missing. Both discovery and recovery must be present to achieve desired result. However, one thing is certain; when you discover you will recover. God’s role is to give you the capacity to do what is needed to be done to succeed.

While your role is to do what is needed to be done which He has given you the capacity to do. When all the principals involved in the equation performed their role the positive result success is inevitable.

He will not do the observation for you, He will not gather the information for you, He will not learn the necessary skills for you, He will not come down and do your job well for you, and He will not be nice to your customers for you. You must do all these and many other things yourself. In the book of Matthew 9: 6 when Jesus healed the lame man, He told the lame man

“Arise take up your bed and go to your house.”

Here, Jesus restored the man’s ability to move, but after that every other actions leading to the manifestation of the miracle was performed by the man. Has it ever occur to you that the lame man wouldn’t have experience the miracle if he had refused to rise when Jesus asked him to do so? Secondly, Jesus told the lame man to carry his bed; He did not carry the bed for him. Many people are wallowing in poverty today because they do not have an understanding of the fact that they have a vital role to play to complete the success equation. When you fail to play your part in the equation the result is mediocrity. To know more about the power of recovery please obtain Bishop George’s book entitled “Discover to Recover”