The Purpose of Blessing

Understanding the purpose of a thing helps one to maximize the benefit thereof. God wants His children to prosper, but why? What is the purpose of His blessings? Myles Munroe once said, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.”

If you don’t understand the blessing of God, there is the tendency for you not to be committed to what makes people to prosper. You may therefore not be able to commit yourself to covenant demands of prosperity. If by any form of mercy, you see something that looks like prosperity, you may abuse it. So, it is essential that we know why and how God blesses His children.

Why God Blesses?

1. You are blessed essentially to be a blessing. You never get blessed anymore than you are committed to be a blessing. Abraham was not only blessed, all the generations after him were blessed. Genesis 12:1-3. He had not just prosperity but prosperity with posterity.

So, you are blessed to be a distributor and to be a channel of blessing.

2. To establish His covenant. Palms. 89:34. God gives us power to get wealth in order to establish His covenant as clearly spelt out in Deuteronomy 28:1-14. (Deuteronomy. 8:18).

3. To rescue us from shame. Joel 2:23-27. God’s blessings not only make us rich, they rescue us from shame. When you connect with God’s blessings, shame will bow out of your life.

4. To be a promoter of His kingdom. Haggai 1:5. The level you are committed to promoting His kingdom will determine the level to which He will ever bless you.

5. God blesses us so we can enjoy life. Deuteronomy. 8:1-8. God’s ultimate plan for us is to enjoy life more abundantly. That is, to enjoy all-round multiplication, living in godly houses, enjoying life and not enduring life.

How God Blesses His People

1. Through priestly or prophetic blessings. Numbers 6:22-27. Abraham’s blessings were a product of priestly blessings. Even though God made the promise to Abraham, He needs to bring him under the priestly blessing of Melchizedek. Genesis 14:18-19.

2. Through rain of divine ideas. Every empire is built on an idea. Access to inspired ideas is a key to building a financial empire. Malachi 3:10; Genesis. 7:11. Abraham built the first cattle ranch through inspired ideas. Genesis. 30:37.

3. God blesses through parental blessings. Genesis. 27:2-4, 27-29. God has reserved blessings in our parents for us. For instance, Joseph had a blessing of his father on him, which kept him alive and made him indestructible. All you need to do therefore is to maintain the position of a son or daughter to benefit from parental blessings. Parents here could be either biological or spiritual.

4. Through rain of divine favor. Favor is the cure to emptiness. It is the master key to a world of fortune. The first financial fortune recorded in the scripture came via divine favor. Exodus. 12:13. It was a supernatural wealth transfer through the channel of divine favor. Giving is one of the way to provoke favor. Psalm. 45:12.

5. God blesses us through the works of our hands. The blessing of God on the works of your hands is one of the channels He engages in unleashing His financial blessing on your life. When the blessing of God is upon your life, it readily shows. Jesus is Lord.